Week 4-7
I’ve alway had a cat in my life so here are some funny cat stories. Cats you never know what they are up to or what they are thinking, well you know that they are very Pleased with themselves when they climb the mountain of pillows snuggle under the river of duvets and stretch out so you are stuck in the tiniest little corner of the bed and you don't sleep a wink all night.

But you think you’ve got it rough well I have two cats two acrobatic idiots mork and hadlee they climb every bit of furniture in the house and destroy it.

Mork climbed a tree and it left the big scratch across my face. Because while my sister was trying to rescue him she managed to drop him on my face. It's 5:00 in the morning and sadly yet where is no off button on a cat that his breakfast.

Sometimes I look at my cats and think to myself could I pick it up and put it into a box and call it a chocolate furry muffin adorable but is it safe well you’ll have to find out.

Way before Hadlee we had Mindy the escape artist the Bird catcher the puss puss. And then way before Mork and Mindy we had Zebedee the big softy the fluffy ball of sneakiness a much loved family member.

Ok now Picture this the line of carrots seedlings just peeking out of the dirt. The black cat Zebedee rearing to run. The tall Oak tree the destination. Suddenly he runs across the carrot patch he jumps he saws he claws his way into balance his tail standing proud. The carrot seedlings flop one by one to the ground stampled by zebedees dirty paws. The carrot runway.

Now Mindy was our escape artist. She would jump from the floor to the top of the bathroom cupboard. Then leap over onto the shower door which is less than half a centimetre wide. And escape through the narrowly opened bathroom window and yowl and yowl outside our window at half past 6 in the morning because she couldn’t get back in.

Do you remember the kid's book called “my cat likes to hide in boxes” well I’ve got one of those cats. Hadlee climbs in everything my guitar case, supermarket bags, lego boxes, suitcases, cubby hole boxes, and fruit bowls. We can even carry her round in the washing basket because my cat Hadlee likes to hide in boxes.

Cats will be cats but you know that whether you're sad, angry or happy they're always be your comfort cushion.