Hide and seek

Hide and seek
48...49...50 ready or not here I come
Tap tap tap Isla begins her search. I’m cramped in the corner of the cupboard. The room was dimly lit but enough light to see for a few feet. She slowly tramped up the stairs peeking into the room. I’m sure Isla can hear my breath growing faster and faster, louder and louder. I sigh a deep breath of relief she walks past without taking any notice. Ticktock ticktock 1 gone to the dark side found Ticktock ticktock 2 gone to the dark side found. Minutes tick by. Soon the party of 5 search high and low. It’s the moment of truth, still 2 people to be found including me. It was up to me.  Yes, I had to win. I just had to. Wait I see you!!!! I tilt my head ever so slightly hoping it was not me that was found. yes I won I won  I burst like a balloon running at full speed. And that was how I won the first round of Hide and seek.


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