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                                          Week 7
                                 Friday 15 September
What is found object art?
Objects around the house, school, on the side of the road put together to make art.

What did you make? I made a photo frame with lots of cool small beads to make it shine.

What  was your inspiration
We were going to do a beaded picture but it had to be 3D so we chose to do a frame

What went well
The frame went really well and that the colour stands out and with the beads to make it shine

What would you change
Well we would change the colour of the sculpture and we could of used string and other stuff maybe not just beads

          Sculpture plan
             Week 4
Activity: making a frame

Who with: Aishani and I

Where: art area

What we need: cardboard, beads, hot glue, string, paint and paint bushes.

Who's bringing what:
Hot glue.


Paint bushes.

Make the frame with cardboard
Paint it
Get the hot glue, beads.
Glue the beads onto the frame

What I need to do by Friday:
Get everything we need ready and waiting.

My key competency: is thinker by questions and challenges.

Talent show
Week 8
Grace and Jessie were the hosts and Kiri and Mrs McCabe were the judges. First Alex made a paper airplane blindfolded. Gabby saing a song. Rudy, Aishani and Margo danced to a song. Pippa and Ruby saing a song. Some boys sang a funny bunny song. Megan, Sophie and Romae sang a song. 3nd went to Alex 2nd Gabby 1st Megan, Sophie and Romae.

Fly on the wall
Week 8-9
As we walked into Room 20 they were already busy in activity. They were in 4 groups and mrs Bentall was taking math groups.

Calendar art
Week 6
First I planned it all. I then used a ruler to make strips and write in them the colours I wanted (in rainbow of course) Then I chose my silhouettes I chose a dancer, a girl playing soccer and a girl reading a book. Then I cut the of coloured paper and glued them on then with glue. I when cut out the my silhouettes and glued them on.

Define capture of the heart of Waimairi school
Week 5
The heart of waimairi school is like a painting because nobody’s going to have the same painting. It’s how the school stands out from the rest.

                Week 2-4
Today we split into our arts groups this time my group was doing dance with Kiri first we went looking for space to use (we ended up at the Library) Kiri put on some music to dance to she keeped on changing it so we had different rhythms to dance with. When she called out some different dance moves such as putting dishes away or mowing the lawns we then got partnered up ( I was with Ollie) and we mixed up dance moves. To get a dance. We then performed the dance to the group.

              Art blog
              Week 2-4
             Arts Rotation
Today is Thursday after lunch. Danielle is drawing names to be in three different groups music, dance and drama I got put into drama with one of my friends Ruby. First Danielle said that we needed  to be partner up and one of us be the robot and the the other be the controller. I was the controller and Ruby was the robot. Then we all got a piece of paper that said different things that we needed to act out Ruby and I got a car race Ruby was driving and I was saying when to go and saying what was happening in the race. Next Danielle called out different characters such as which, Ballerina, ect ect.            
                         Art blog
                          Week 1
Today I went to the Art gallery and the Margaret mayhem playground. First we took the bus to the art gallery it was Beautiful Here is the art that we saw:

We were not allowed to take a photos in the gallery but I can tell you it was Beautiful unfortunately the downstairs ones were closed off and we were not allowed to go inside.
My favourite art that I saw was  all these different colours mixed together but not all of it was completely mixed it was still sectioned into different parts.
Next we walked all the way to the Margaret Mahy playground. First we played for about half an hour. Then after we had eaten we played a game of hide and seek. Then we split up into our groups and went looking for art around the city here are some photos:

After that we meet up at the dance O'mat but and unfortunately it was closed so we did the Conga Line instead. Then we walked to the Margaret mayhem playground where the bus and driver were waiting.